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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is going to impact countless areas of society in the next decade. From algorithms able to detect cancer patterns faster and with more accuracy than any human can possibly do is just one example but there are countless other sectors that will benefit from this technology. In the next decade this technology combined with automation have the potential to deeply reshape society.
Big Data
Big Data is the raw material data-science need to perform value oriented analysis and derive new target segments or business models. In the next decade there will be no way to build a business or political campaign without the granularity that are possible due to segmentation, analytics and targeting using big datasets. The technology also contains risk as shown by the gigantic data breach faced even by the most prepared business or governments.
Blockchain main functionality will be to provide "decentralized consensus" without middle-men's, be them banks, governments or notaries. But the biggest disruption that blockchain can bring is not on one particular crypto over the other. Blockchain have the potential to allow societies to build a layer that allow transactions of values with built-in transparency between the participants of a given network without intermediaries.
VR / AR / XR
VR / AR / XR will bring new interfaces, new immersions and possibilities regarding communication, storytelling, documentaries that will for ever change these format in the long run. In the next decade this technology will mature and reach mass consumer markets delivering unique experiences that will make whole industries adapt to this medium accelerating even more mass adoption.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) is adoption and possibilities are growing exponentially. In the next decade IoT devices will collect data, automate tasks, perform tests and monitor other systems. There will be no way to avoid it and the cyber security aspect of this technology is yet to be overhauled as the more devices are connected the more risk they will represent for the whole internet network in the long run.
GDPR is one of the largest and most far-reaching global data privacy laws—and all businesses need to be GDPR-compliant with processes and documents in place. This new data protection law already came into force and apply to all companies handling the consumer data of citizens within the European Union (EU), no matter the size, industry or country of origin of the business. Compliance is mandatory.

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