Welcome to DigitYser
Based in the capital of Europe, DigitYser is a tech hub where communities meet to boost digital skills, empower entrepreneurship and facilitate digital transformation.
Rooftop Terrace
Enjoy the terrace in between work sprint and when the sun show up we have a BBQ at your disposal
Enjoy our rooftop
Bike Garage
Your bike is welcome at DigitYser, store it securely at the basement.
Badge Access
With your Badge access DigitYser is open from 7h AM to 22h PM
Get your badge at the reception desk
Fast WiFi
We upgraded our wired and wireless network and we have now one of the fastest coworking Internet network in the capital
DigitYser is a community on the forefront of data engineering and data science. Philippe and his excellent team make things happen by bringing people together and by nurturing co-operation and networking. Id’ be very surprised if you’d have a data problem for which Philippe could not point you to the right parties in Belgium to help you solve it. Top!
Werken in DigitYser geeft mij alles wat ik van een leuke werkomgeving verwacht. Toffe en vriendelijke collega’s, een creatieve/ innoverende omgeving, etc. en dit allemaal in een prachtig gebouw waar altijd wel iets te beleven valt! Van een gezellige afterwork tot een lekkere co-workinglunch en interessante events, DigitYser inspireert en is een plaats waar ik graag ‘thuis’ kom!
Nieuwe mensen en nieuwe opportuniteiten, dat brengt werken met en @ DigitYser met zich mee. We hebben Lantana opgestart in deze Brusselse context dat diversiteit toepast: in mensen en business.
DigitYser has proved to be a very good place to meet Blockchain enthusiasts and make real business! Thank you to Philippe and to the whole team!
In a very short time DigitYser has become a must in Belgium’s artificial intelligence landscape – a great value for Brussels digital innovation, science and tech !
DigitYser is composed by a great team that accompaign day after day entrepreneurs in Brussels. This is a place where you can join a strong digital community and boost your digital skills. Guys keep doing the good job !
The intersection of AI with people, companies and society more general creates an incredible opportunity but also demanding challenge. We can be proud that DigitYser sits right on that intersection for us here in Belgium! Throughout their actions and events, they take the responsibility for building AI experiences that amplify human ingenuity, but also that reflect our shared societal values and expectations. Continue the great work, Philippe Van Impe!
What I personally LOVE about DigitYser is the fact that you can walk in one day to learn something new and the next to teach something new. DigitYser hosts many wonderful tech related communities and has become a nice home to many people (of very different backgrounds, who all feel equally welcome). It effectively lowers barriers to learn and provides great opportunity to network. In short, a place you should certainly visit once in a while whether you’re a techie or a (data-driven) manager in Brussels! Congrats to the whole team that makes this possible, every single day!
DigitYser is a community which you want to belong to if you are interested in digital transformation and how technologies can progress this change. The ecosystem this community brings alive is a great opportunity for companies, experts and people interested in new technologies. Sharing knowledge and best practices about AI and DataScience is key and another reason to be happy with a community as DigitYser. IBM Belgium was one of the first believers and we still do. Great work Philippe Van Impe and team!
I owe it big time to Digityser for shaping up my career and bringing me into the light of innovative, out of the box thinkers and brightest minds of Belgium all that has been possible at this one hub, participating in the meetups, boot-camps, hackathons really keeps you on your toes with all the latest research and development within the community. It always brings me great sense of satisfaction to say that while at Digityser I was given chance to work on such an important epidemics of society(#HIVHack) to solve for it and get to learn so many new things in the process by the community. A bit thumbs up for Philippe and team for achieving such a fantastic milestone.
DigitYser has built a strong position and image in Brussels, and as a unique accelerator and incubator for innovators, integrated into AI4Belgium — the country’s AI strategy task force — it is set to expand its footprint even beyond, at EU level, together with other digital innovation hubs. These are essential to developing European competitiveness and boosting our digital landscape made of talents such as researchers, industry including SMEs and startups, students, think tanks, NGOs, and more. It is also a great place, designed to inspire and co-create. DigitYser has a team of energetic, welcoming, open-minded and generous people on a mission to inform and share knowledge! I once attended the launch of Women in AI they hosted earlier this year, which was a great success and provided visibility to dynamic and promising initiatives. We’ll see more great things in the future which will be fostered and made at DigitYser.

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