My TOP 7 Tech Coworking Spaces in Brussels

I went in Brussels as a trainee with the aim of learning through an exciting experience. DigitYser, the European and technological coworking hub of Brussels offered me this opportunity by welcoming me as a member of the team for 5 weeks.

If you are a freelancer or even a SME and you are looking for a professional space to grow your business with a tech community, then DigitYser can give you this opportunity as well as other coworking spaces all around Brussels. To lead you towards the best places to cowork, I made a TOP 7 of the Best Coworking Spaces of Brussels, of course all focused on technology.

[!] Before reading I should warn you that this article might be quite subjective owing to my personal experience at DigitYser. However, you could shape your own opinion by visiting the coworking spaces you get interested in.

#158e8c;">TOP 1: DigitYser | | Tel: 02 808 18 18
#158e8c;">Boulevard d’Anvers, 40 – 1000 Brussels

I especially choose the Belgian capital because of this unique coworking space with an exceptional architecture. Super-well located in the heart of Brussels, DigitYser will be the stepping-stone of your digital projects, as well as being the perfect spot to organise your technological events in Brussels’ centre.
Indeed, if you want to connect with a unique digital community and grow your business thanks to the hottest technologies, then you found the coworking space made for you. At DigitYser you’ll find the support you need with the DigiTeam to set up your projects. DigitYser’s team will put you at ease as soon as you’ll walk in and give you the opportunity to create an international human network around your business. So what else can I say? Actually, nothing bad because I loved my internship there, so now let’s have your own opinion by trying it!

#158e8c;">TOP 2: BetaCowork | | Tel: 02 737 67 69
#158e8c;">Rue des Pères Blancs, 4 – Etterbeek, 1040 Brussels

BetaCowork is one of the very first coworking spaces in Brussels to open its doors to a freelance community. Mainly focused on web technologies, BetaCowork is a dynamic place where starters meet and gather to exchange and co-create. Its warm atmosphere will make you feel at ease to concentrate on your business and grow your network thanks to a large community of freelancers coming from different backgrounds.

#158e8c;">TOP 3: BeCentral | | Mail:
#158e8c;">Cantersteen, 10 – 1000 Brussels

BeCentral is a digital campus where you’ll find other tech enthusiasts to develop your projects. Ideally located on top of Brussels Central Station, BeCentral owns the advantage to be at the heart of the action with travellers going through the station everyday. This special location makes BeCentral one of the most accessible and attractive coworking place for travellers who need a spot to work in between two meetings.

#158e8c;">TOP 4 : Transforma Bxl | | Tel : 02 318 19 20
#158e8c;">Avenue Jules Bordet 13, 1140 Evere
If you want to turn your ideas into real projects, then join transforma where the coworkers share and collaborate to co-create together. Besides, if you need to strengthen your skills, then Transforma has a training centre where you can attend to digital trainings. In the end, the real particularity of Transforma’s coworking spaces is that they have been thought of in a sustainable way with green spaces and natural lights. However, as this coworking space is a bit outside of the city centre, they just opened a second spot, Rue de la Loi, so the city-dwellers can have a better access to the coworking.

#158e8c;">TOP 5: Co.Station | | Tel: 02 318 83 54
#158e8c;">Place Sainte-Gudule, 5 – 1000 Brussels

Right next to the Saint-Michel-and-Gudule’s Cathedral, Co.Station is another coworking space I would recommend. Easily accessible from Brussels city centre, Co.station have available the latest tech trends for your business. Indeed, the aim of Co.Station is first and foremost to connect tech talents to help them grow together. That way, entrepreneurs and companies can both get inspiration and learn from each other to take advantage of the experience.

#158e8c;">TOP 6: Tech Lounge | | Tel: 02 706 88 12
#158e8c;">Boulevard A. Reyers, 80 – 1030 Brussels

As its name says, Tech Lounge is a coworking space dedicated to technology which have the chance to be supported by Agoria, the Federation of Belgian Technological Companies. The particularity of this place is that each area corresponds to a specific function (brainstorming, networking…). It gives the tech communities a creative environment to progress in their business. A bit apart from the city centre, it can be convenient if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle.

#158e8c;">TOP 7: Start it @KBC | | Tel: 03 202 95 29
#158e8c;">Havenlaan 8/Avenue Du Port 8, 1080 Brussels

If you’re looking for a coworking space dedicated to start-ups, then you found the perfect place. Always looking for the finest innovations, Start it @KBC will provide you with the best mentors to lead you towards your greatest dreams and help you scale your business. The team will connect you with an enthusiast community of starters to help you strengthen your network. So join Start it @KBC and get your business off the ground!

#158e8c;">Special One: Le Phare du Kanaal | | Tel : 02 410 06 84
#158e8c;">Quai des charbonnages, 40 – 1080 Bruxelles

Located on the waterfront and arranged as a coworking café, the particular atmosphere of Le Phare du Kanaal is a bit apart from the other coworking spaces. Right in the heart of Brussels and soothed by the passing barges, you’ll find all the creativity and the concentration you need to set up your projects. As well as being a relaxing spot, Hanna Bonnier’s team will provide you with local drinks and home-made meals to make you feel at home instantly. At the Phare, take the opportunity to develop your network and meet passionate entrepreneurs in the most familiar coworking café in town.

#158e8c;">So now, make your choice and start coworking!
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