Loïc Quertenmont

Owner & Data Scientist at Deeper Analytics

About Me

I have years of experience leading projects that apply data science and mathematical
modeling to solve complex problems. For about ten years, I used to analyze the
gigantic 50 petabytes of data produced yearly at the CERN LHC. Among other
things, I worked as part of the CERN team that discovered the Higgs Boson in
2012, which ultimately led to a physics Nobel Prize. Since 2016, I exploit my data
science and machine-learning skills helping companies to solve the data problems
they are facing every day. So far, I was involved in projects related to customer
analytics, geo-spatial analysis, big data pipelines in the insurance sector and real-
time electricity price forecasting. Since 2018, I am working as a freelance data
scientist with the same will to share my deep quantitative, problem solving and
self-learning skills with others.