We are a non-profit organisation and our main goals are:

  • Creating a multidisciplinary community of blockchain enthusiasts and experts (developers, investors, entrepreneurs, etc.).
  • Organizing events, conferences, seminars, workshops or any other event activities.
  • Promoting the understanding of Distributed Ledger Technologies (mainly blockchain) and its potential for decentralization, its different applications and challenges.
  • Informing the Belgian and international community about its development
  • Being a think tank and influence on the evolution of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies).

By creating a community or how we like to call it, a “blockchain society” this will lead to great collaborations and partnerships between people and parties with different profiles yet a common interest.

Our values are simple yet to the point: 
Help | Innovate | Venture | Engage

We want to help the community to innovate by venturing while being engaged.

Partner Type

  • ecosystem

Web : http://hive.brussels/