october, 2018

04oct12:30 pm2:30 pmLunch Masterclass - Beyond frustration - Captivate with stories about your data Event Organized By: The Data Science Community Event Type :Meetup

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Frustration. As in “They didn’t get my message. But it was so much obvious!”

Sorry to disappoint: your story is not obvious to others. After all, you did all the analysis and they didn’t!

In fact, if you don’t lead your audience into your insights, it’s like letting your audience take a guess on what they should understand of the facts you share. A risky game for you!

Stories are well known to be fantastic tools of persuasion. Stories even surpass data visualizations in explanatory mode. And we are not talking about Red Riding Hood here (even though it still beats most data visualizations in terms of understanding and creating lasting memories!)

We are rather talking about the story held by your data. It is the story of how your business has evolved over time, about the next move you have to make, about the hidden root cause of an issue, about the one thing you uncovered that could make the world a better place.

In this lecture, we’ll explore why so many data scientists are frustrated when presenting to non-data experts (like business, marketing or CxOs) and why stories are the best tool you have to share your insights and to invite action.

We’ll then dig into basic storytelling elements that you can apply to your data, and to the message you hold dear to your heart.


“Facts are facts. Stories are how we learn” – Alan Webber, Rules of Thumb

Come have lunch and discover what makes stories the best way to convey complex ideas and to move people, and how to start crafting your own.


Who’s the lecturer?

Alexis is a pure blend of art and science: Computer Science & IT engineer, presentation skills and inter-personal communication trainer and coach, magician, corporate speaker, master of ceremonies, and improv theater comedian.

For the past 15 years, the common denominator of Alexis works has been about making people understand each other and work together. As such, he has put rules and principles about communication, graphic design, storytelling or neuroscience into practice to help non-experts understand technical topics and to help both experts and non-experts speak the same language and work better as a team.

Link to his blog post


(Thursday) 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm



Boulevard d'Anvers 40

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