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29nov01decFollow your heart successfully and overcome self-limitations Event Organized By: Christiane Moeschler Event Type :Trainings

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Do you sometimes feel frustrated and want more out of life? 

Join this practical 3 Day training that will help to:

  • Develop the  ability to connect with your Inner Wisdom

  • Overcome self-limiting patterns

  • Follow your heart succecssfully in all areas of life

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Here is a video I recently made about my story and how the techniques I am teching have impacted my life :

Learn to Follow Your heart successfully and enter a state of flow & abundance.

  • A fulfilling job,

  • A Happy relationship,

  • Financial abundance,

  • Good health and fitness…

are achievable by everyone. They only depend on your ability to access your natural gifts and talents and overcome your inner patterns of self-sabotage.


 In this workshop you will learn the following 5-STEP PROCESSS

to unleash your Inner Genius in all areas of life:  

1)  Learn a simple 3-Step process that enables you to access your Intuition 

2)  Understand how your limting belifs are sabotaging you

3)  Learn tools to neutralise those limiting beliefs

4) Discover your true purpose, natural gifts & talents through a unique Super-Consciousness exercise

5) Learn how to create positive emotions as your secret weapon for success

If you are curious and the above sounds really intriguing to yout then reserve you workshop ticket now or get in touch with me personally.  I am happy to explain more over the phone 🙂

Q&A and contact details

If you have any questions about the workshop, please do not hestitate to contact me: / Mobile + 32 485 16 40 99


 What participants and clients say

“Christiane’s program helped me uncover dysfunctional patterns and make important behavioural changes. The great added value of the program and Christiane’s training and coaching style is that the practical exercises are simple, efficient and natural to follow.” – Lucas


“This workshop helped me a lot in my life, it really works! I definitely recommend it!” – Vero


“If you feel you have tried everything and nothing worked, Christiane certainly has something for you in the cupboard !” – Anne


“It has been a mind-blowing experience. Through exercises, she helped me to be more self-aware and strive for a better version of myself. By implementing certain behaviours, she helps to give a new dimension and perspective on my job, in order to be a better leader and successfully manage a team and an organization” 

– Myriam – President of AIESEC in Belgium


About the trainer

Hello, I am Christiane

For me true success is to express your heart in the world. It is not about chasing meaningless goals that we are pushed to achieve by society, family and even ourseves. It is about living our true purpose  and creating more and more of the things we truly love in life. 

For over 14 years I have been working as a trainer and coach, supporting individuals, teams and companies around the world in unleashing their full potential.

But it was not always like that.

I used to go through life feeling empty and stressed, thinking I wasn’t good enough. But what depressed me the most, was that I used to think that I could not show my true authentic self if I want to succeed.

Fortunately I learned different intuitive and shamanic methodologies that allowed me to re-connect with my heart and find my Genius.

I started becoming more and more aware of what my purpose, natural gift and unique talents are and learned to communicate these with great vulnerability, knowing that some people might like it and others might not.

I was surprised to see though that the more honest and authentic I was, the easier things got.   Also, the more I went for what I truly loved, the more easily I created it!   My relationships are happier, I created a job I enjoy and my health and fitness have massively increased as well. 

That is why I am so passionate about sharing my learnings and helping YOU reconnect with Your Inner Genius so you can experience all these beautiful changes too!


  • Accredited Natural Success coach by William Whitecloud

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Laughter yoga teacher

  • 13 years’ experience as Leadership and Sales Trainer in multinational organisations

For more information and testimonials also visit or contact me on: 

 Mobile + 32 485 16 40 99 


November 29 (Friday) 9:30 am - December 1 (Sunday) 7:00 pm



Boulevard d'Anvers 40