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At DigitYser, we believe that any choice that any organisation – profit or non-profit oriented – creates implications on its whole ecosystem, and therefore it gives any organization the opportunity to do good and to turn this choices into positive effects. Whether it is about choosing the right suppliers, customers, or even the organic tea that is put at disposition for the staff, any small and almost not significant positive action that can be taken can in turn develop into strong improvements.

In order to do this, several good practices were implemented in different important fields.

Protect the Environment — and Your Own Health:

We strongly encourage all employees and start-ups hosted in our buildings to leave their car at home and take public transportation or bike instead.  Our building is fortunately placed right in front of one of the metro station exits of Yser and very close to other connexions (North Station, Tram 51).  A parking and charging station for your bike is available in the garage so you don’t ever need a car!

  • We think reusable: We choose organic and locally grown food. When catering service is needed, Digityser usually asks our talented cook Liliana to prepare some delicious organic meals. When a specific request is made, we usually make arrangements with one of the many external caterer from the Kanaal region. In all cases,  to reduce our meat-related footprint on the planet, we aim at offering at least one vegetarian option in all catoring services.
  • Water fountain: In order to reduce furthermore our plastic consumption, we will switch this year from plastic bottles to a cheaper and more durable option by installing  a water fountain.
  • Rooftop: The fifth floor offers a great space on the rooftop if the employees ever need to catch some air outside to work or smoke. The building enforces a strict no smoking in doors policy.
  • Use of recycled paper: Amongst many more obvious positive aspects, the benefits of the digital revolution also includes the reduction of paper dependency.  By the end of 2018, Digityser will only put recycled paper at disposition for the printing machine of the whole building.

Help Start-ups that are doing good

Did you know that one third of the food that is produced gets thrown away? “Eatmosphère” does! 
Eatmosphère is a non-profit hosted in our building whose goal is to change mass consumption into sustainable behavior and increase food waste awareness. They donate and distribute a large part of the food surplus to social organisations.

Act social

Since Digityser is the clubhouse of the tech communities of Brussels and therefore was created by and lives through its many different communities, we also have the responsibility to give back to society by helping the ones who are most in need.

  • We employ and train jobseekers: we offer FPI (Formation Professionnelle Individuelle en Entreprise) jobs to 3-5 job seekers per year, we work with the CPAS/OCMW of Brussels for our cleaning and building maintenance services and have for the moment one full time article 60 working for us.
  • Together with the King Boudewijn foundation we also invite young university students from a big family to come and study in our offices during the exams and we coach them in Math, Statistics, coding,  …
  • Most of our trainings and workshops are free for jobseekers and young graduates.
  • We promote  activities eg by hosting the R-Ladies,
  • One key action is building the bridge between jobseekers and corporates
  • We invite kids to participate to workshops in order to spark their digital passion.

Buy LOCAL – boost local economy

Digityser would not be the same without its magnificent building located just by the Kanaal in the very center of the capital of Europe.This is why all activities this year were guided by a common desire to create a significant and durable social impact on the Kanaal region. We promote the surroundings businesses by aiming to source all our supplies locally within 500 m. Together with the Réseau Entreprendre North, we offer coaching to local businesses.

Together with the King Boudewijn foundation we also invite young university students from a big family to come and study in our offices during the exams and we coach them in Math, Statistics, coding,  …

Impact GLOBAL health

Because each and every organization has an small yet important influence in the world as a whole, we use the power of our communities to make a positive impact in the worlds’ biggest problems:

  • 2016 – 1 day hackathon for the Red Cross
  • 2017 – 36h Hackathon called denguehack.org
  • 2017 – 1 day Smart Family hackathon
  • 2018 – 36h Hackathon called hivhack.org to map out the HIV Drug resistant areas

we also make a priority of ethical purchasing strategy by sourcing or tea and other delicacies (biscuits and so on) from Oxfam.

Be innovative and boost ECONOMICAL growth:

We also promote innovation. Our Brussels based hub is called digityser.org and connects European data/Iot/VR/Blockchain professionals, enterprises, startups, government, non-profit organisations and the academic world active in the data innovation ecosystem. The goal is to create and manage a vibrant environment where experts share best practices.

Be the Bridge:

We have a bridge function where we bring the ecosystem together. Our hub is also the premier networking space where business, startup, academic and political decision makers meet and discuss policy and best practices about AI, Data, VR, Iot and Blockchain.

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