Our Summer Coding Camp is in full swing !

For our 3rd year edition, more than 120 people attended our info session.
More than 50 jumped in the wagon! It is amazing to see their enthusiasm and commitment!

From 13th August until 28th September, our motivated future Data Scientists, from diverse backgrounds,  discovered or enhanced their knowledge/skills of Python, R, SAS, SQL, Statistics, Machine Learning. They also worked on their own cases or HIV Hack Team project.

After end of September, the selected candidates will then live, during 24 full days, hands-on workshops, from October to December, where they will fully tackle the reality of Data Science.

Those teachings, from recognized experts, will give them the tools to dive in the journey of Machine learning, Hadoop, AWS, algorithms and models to train and test.

The Summer Camp is over now, if you have already start skills in Data Science, you are welcome to the second part

You can see also some videos to let you have an idea about last year edition

For any question, feel free to contact us.

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